Have you ever had the feeling of someone standing next to you ? Like a presence just at the edge of your vision. And when you turn around, nobody’s there…


… But maybe someone is by your side.


Not someone born and raised in our world, but a being from another reality. A friendly and peaceful entity. But to us nothing but a sensation of not being alone.


They can see you, but won’t interact. They can feel you, but won’t touch. They just pass by, minding their own business, moving ever so discreet in a hope that you won’t notice.


Imagine a secret society – existing for centuries. Which answers to no government nor any authority from our world. Completely unknown to anybody, but with the sole purpose of keeping peace between neighbours, and safeguarding the gates and paths to our world. Paths that forms a grid in the universe. Passages between billion of worlds, and like synapses connecting neurons in a gigantic overwhelming brain.


All like a maze. Hiding beautiful worlds so far away from ours, that it would take dozen of human lifetimes to reach them. One of these worlds, a mysterious place, undiscovered and unlocated on any map you might find. A hidden place where dragons and men made a pact. Forming a secret unity, that would guard our world and keep watch.


This is their story.