Photo by Cali Rezo


Myriam Catrin

Texture Artist




Myriam Catrin was born in the countryside close to Lemans in 1974, being surrounded by nature excited the imagination of the young Myriam and start forging the dreamy world where she spent long hours creating stories and paintings. Also from an early age another passion entered in Myriam’s life. Cinema was discovered by the young artist and she craved to see the latest movies and was genuinely amazed enjoying Star Wars, Dark Crystal, Neverending Story or Dune.


She was six when she found her muse in the shape of the dragon, the movie was Sleeping Beauty and the shapes of the Mythological animal enchanted the artist and it wouldn’t be till adult life when in a work trip to Japan she reconnect with the powerful shapes and tales of the dragons. It became her artistic obsession drawing thousands of dragons in different media for commercial projects and personal works.


Nowadays based in London the artist continues painting dragons and mastering the art of texturing in Visual Effects Movies. Thanks to her background she has been able to paint some of the most spectacular creatures and objects in the latest cinema hits like her milestone work in Smaug the dragon in The Hobbit trilogy where she was awarded internationally and was able to connect all her inner artist desires with a dragon adored per millions worldwide. Always jumping between her work in visual effects movies like Avatar, Prometheus, Sweeney Todd or Avengers to her own pictorial creations.


Myriam continues exploring exciting projects and ways to share her artistic vision and personal universe like with the creation of a comics and several stories for movies and graphic works.


– Myriam